Comfort in Time of Trouble
A Message from Above!

The sounds of destruction and terror are ringing in My ears. I hear screams of fright, weeping, wailing, shouts! I see the havoc, the devastation, the cruel and senseless loss of life. I hear explosions and I see the misery and pain, the grieving and the heavy-hearted. I see clouds of smoke and destruction. And I see the aftermath and the ruin. I hear the mournful silence. I feel the dejected stillness.

In all this I see the endless grief brought on by the injustice of man's inhumanity to man. I see you, the victims of this inhumanity, and I hear those who ask why? My heart grieves; it aches. My heart longs to comfort you, to ease your pain, to dry your tears. I hear and I see and I long to bring you relief. You need not be afraid, for I am here with outstretched arms to bring you peace! I hear your cries and I reach out to you now with a way out! I offer you an escape route from your inner conflicts - from the insecurity and hopelessness that you feel. If you will reach out your hand to Me now, I will lead you through the darkness that surrounds you, and into the light.

I offer you a peace that no man can take away, that no thief can steal, that no sudden tragedy can shatter. I offer you faith in place of fear, hope in place of doubt, joy in place of sorrow, peace in the midst of tragedy. I offer you a love that will never fail you. I offer you peace and love that knows no boundaries. My love and peace are for now and forever. Even though all around you is turmoil and pain, you can have this peace in your heart right this moment. All you have to do is ask Me. .....more